Constipation Treatment [Triphala, Psyllium Husk, Senna of Powder 300g]

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Constipation treatment involves addressing a prevalent gastrointestinal disorder.
It impacts a large portion of the global population.
Research shows that about 14% of people suffer from chronic constipation. Women and older adults are mostly affected.
People with constipation have fewer than three bowel movements per week.

Common symptoms include:
– Infrequent bowel movements
– Dry and hard stools
– Straining during bowel movements
– Abdominal discomfort
– Foul-smelling stools
– Coated tongue
– Bad breath
– Decreased appetite
– Fatigue and lethargy
– Irritability and restlessness

Possible causes and risk factors include:
– Low fiber diet
– Poor dietary habits
– Lack of fluid intake
– Caffeine abuse
– Overuse of alcohol
– Medications (e.g., opioids, antidepressants)
– Sedentary lifestyle
– Medical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and diabetes
– Endocrine disorders (e.g., hypothyroidism)
– Neurologic diseases (e.g., neuropathy)

Although it is very difficult to get complete relief from this, there is a simple solution in Ayurvedic system.
Nowadays Ayurvedic methods are becoming popular.

Constipation Treatment | Explore Effective Ayurvedic Methods

Ayurveda is the traditional Indian system of medicine. It emphasizes on balanced diet and natural remedies. Common Ayurvedic herbs and remedies for constipation include:
– Triphala: It is a blend of three fruits (Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki). It has gentle laxative effects and digestive benefits.
– Psyllium Husk (Isabgol): It is a fiber supplement. It makes the stool bulky and promotes bowel movements.
– Senna: It is a potent herb. It stimulates bowel contractions. It is also useful for more severe constipation.
For those who prefer natural approaches to managing occasional constipation, Triphala and senna leaf can be a suitable option.
Buy Triphala Today: Experience Gentle Constipation Relief!


  • Net Weight: 300g
  • Item Form: Powder
  • Ingredients: Triphala, Psyllium Husk, Senna
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place


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  • 1 x Triphala, Psyllium Husk, Senna of Powder 300g

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Constipation Treatment

Constipation Treatment [Triphala, Psyllium Husk, Senna of Powder 300g]

300.00৳ 350.00৳  (-14%)

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