MajuPhal Powder-100g

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MajuPhal – Piles and rectal problems | Vagina Tightening | Breast Tightening and Pimple Removing

MajuPhal helps to relieve Piles and rectal problems. It also helps to tighten the breast, remove the black spot and recover the hole created by a pimple. Maju Phal is very popular in many regions of the world as instant vagina tightening agent. It has a medicinal value which is used by the Korean & Chinese female from many years ago. It is an antimicrobial agent. It’s rare in our country & it’s magical power surprised us. It is the main component of best quality tightening cream in the world.

Benefit of MajuPhal

  • Piles and rectal problems
  • Vagina tightening, breast tightening and pimple removing are the main functions of Majuphal.
  • Remove the black spot & recover hole created by a pimple.
  • It also removes a pimple with the hole created by a pimple.
  • Reduce age cachet. Face skin becomes soft after first time used.
  • It has great power to prevent cancer.
  • Only a few Phals are enough to get the result.
  • Breast tightening agent.
  • Remove pregnancy fracture.
  • Reduce tooth pain.
  • Anticancer agent.
  • Stop hair fall.
  • By using it after giving birth vagina regains the previous position.
  • Increase the brightness of the skin.
  • Used as a facial cleanser.
Maju Phal Rules of uses
  • At first, grind 7/8 phal well & mix it with a glass of water. Then boil at a lower temperature until the solution becomes half glass. Wait until cool. Then collect this in a jar and keep in a fridge.
    Sink cotton in the solution and coated well. Keep 20 minutes in vagina/brast& 5 minutes in the face. Then wash. In this way use 7 days to get the result.


  • Do not use in the vagina during pregnancy & period.

মাজুফলের কাজ
১)ব্রণ রিমোভ
২)ব্রণের দাগ রিমোভ।
৩)পোর্স রিমোভ
৪)মেসতা দুর
৫)গর্ভকালীন ফাটা দাগ দুর।
৬)দাঁত ব্যথা নিরাময়।
৭)মুখের স্কিন টানটান করা
৮)ঝুলে যাওয়া ব্রেস্ট টাইট করা
৯)ব্রেস্টের আকার ঠিক করা।
১০)ভাজিনা টাইট
১২)মুখের ছোপ ছোপ দাগ দুর।
১৩)চুল পড়া বন্ধ করায়।
১৪)মুখে গর্ত গর্ত রিমোভ করে
১৬)মুখের কালো দাগ দূর করে
১৭)স্ক্রিনে ব্রাইটনেস বারায়
১৮)মুখের ময়লা কাটে
১৯)পাইলস এবং রেকটাল সমস্যা

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MajuPhal Powder-100g

190.00৳ 300.00৳  (-37%)

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