Bamboo Fiber Dish Washing Cloth-6Pcs

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Dish Washing Cloths offer versatile eco-friendly cleaning for household and culinary needs, with effective scrubbing pads ensuring effortless, multi-surface disinfection.

Household Needs
The Dish Wash Cloths are ideal for apply on ovens, gas stoves, burners, grills, chimneys, bathrooms, hallways, and more surfaces.
They offer an all-in-one resolution for household cleaning.
Versatile Solution
These reusable bamboo fiber dish cloths are also perfect for washing floors, cabinets, and windows.
It becomes a multipurpose scrubbing tool.

Effective Solution
Our Scrubbing pads provide an efficient way to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses on surfaces.
These ensure a disinfected and safer environment for your family.
Multi-Surface Cleaning
These are a multi-surface cleaner.
They can even remove stubborn stains effectively.
Effortless Cleaning
Excellent eco-friendly cleaning products make cleaning your cooking area easier.
Minimal effort is required when using them.
Daily Cleaning
You can use these pot scrubbers every day for cleaning purposes in the culinary area.
Durable Kitchen Scrubber
Discover the power of our sturdy dish scrubbers.
These pads are designed to effortlessly tackle grease and grime.
They leave your cookhouse clean and fresh.

Dish Washing Cloths | Dish Wash Cloths | Bamboo Fiber Dish Washing Cloth


  • 100% biodegradable and Eco-friendly
  • Durable and quick-drying
  • Soft yet effective for gentle cleaning
  • Abrasive for tough stains
  • Safe for delicate surfaces like non-stick cookware and glassware
  • Ideal for both dishes and other surfaces
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  • Easy to grip, avoiding contact with dirty surfaces
  • Super absorbent, effectively soaking up spills
  • Holds soap well, creating rich suds
  • Long-lasting with multiple washes without falling apart
  • Suitable for all kitchen styles
  • Trusted quality

Multipurpose Metal Wire Scrubbing | Dishwashing Rags | Non-scratch Dish Cloths, Scrubs


  • Material: Bamboo Fiber, Polyester
  • Size: 5 Inch x 5 Inch
  • Package: 6 Pieces
  • Country: China

Package Includes

  • 6 Pieces Dish Wash Cloths

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Dish Wash Cloths

Bamboo Fiber Dish Washing Cloth-6Pcs

260.00৳ 370.00৳  (-30%)

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