Silicone Heel Anti Crack Sets

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Make your feet soft like Baby & Sexy in minutes using Silicone Heel Anti Crack Sets. If you have rough feet, crack in your feet, then try it without thinking. Get Sexy, Smooth, and Soft Feet effortlessly as well effectively.

শীত হোক বা গরম, শরীরের পাশাপাশি পায়েরও যত্ন নিতে হয়। কেননা পা ফাটার সমস্যায় প্রায় অনেকেই জর্জরিত, আর এই পা ফাটে অপরিচ্ছন্নতার দরুন। তাই আপনার পায়ের গোড়ালিকে সুরক্ষিত রাখুন।

  • পায়ের শক্ত ও মৃত চামড়া দূর করে ।
  • পায়ের সৌন্দর্য বৃদ্ধিতে সাহায্য করে।
  • সহজেই সুন্দর করুন আপনার সুন্দর পা দুটো।

পন্যের বিবরণ

  • আইটেমের ধরণ: সিলিকন হিল
  • উপাদান: সিলিকন
  • পরিমাণ: ১ পেয়ার
  • দেশ : চীন


  • পা পরিষ্কারের পরে হিল টি পরুন ।

Silicone Heel Anti Crack Sets

Do you have a crack in your feet? Are they too much pain? Now Anti Crack Silicone Heels have come to solve this unbearing problem. These Heels make with silicone which lets you feel comfortable. They have an elastic formula, fits legs of every size.

One can wear it the whole day. It has holes for breathing. As air can pass in heels and toes, so the skin of the legs stays moisturize.

Because the heels and ankles of legs get tremendous support from these silicone heels, it prevents sprains in your feet and relieves plantar fasciitis.

One can wear it both under the socks or without the socks with shoes. These are appropriate for long journeys, traveling, running as these heels make from expertise materials.

It eradicates fatigue, cracks as well because of its quality silicone ingredient. Use these silicone heels to cure your feet problems. Its best for adult use regardless of men or women.

Heel Socks | Heel Support


  • Soften the calluses
  • moisturizing and whitening
  • Preventing grinding feet
  • Provides extreme cushioning
  • Protect damage heel
  • Soothe the skin
  • Protect bone and heel spurs
  • Reduce plantar fasciitis
  • Preventing the foot from cracking
  • Relieve foot/heel heel pain
  • Air holes provide enough air for feet to breath


  • Reusable and washable
  • Flexible and stretchable
  • Foot Protector


  • Item type: heel protective sleeve
  • Type: Silicone Heel/Heel Support
  • Feature: super thin, keep foot balance, protect foot
  • Function: protect heel
  • Category: Feet
  • Material: Medical Silicone
  • Size: Fit for one size
  • Color: Skin Color
  • Exercise Type: ALL TYPE EXERCISE
  • Sport Type: Snowboarding, Fitness, Boxing, Tennis, Running, Skating, Hiking
  • Gender: unisex
  • Quantity: 1 pair
  • Made In China


  • After cleaning the feet, wear the heel.

Product included

  • 1 X Foot protector heel

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Silicone Heel Anti Crack Sets

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