LANBENA Nail Repair Essence Serum

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  • Brand: LANBENA
  • Net Weight: 15ml
  • Formulation: Liquid
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Ingredients: Water & Glycol & Purslane extract & Chamomile extract


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LANBENA Nail Repair Essence Serum

Use LANBENA Nail Repair Essence Serum, a repair solution to make your nails polished. The nail can break or die. It’ll heal the corrupt area of nails and help to grow a new one.

One can apply both in finger and toenails. By using the essence, nails will seem fresh, healthy, and beautiful. The serum makes with natural plants extract. That’s why this can go into the root of the nail and keep away the dirt of the nail to regenerate natural color. The serum nourishes the nail by penetrating deep into the nail and makes it soft. It shall smoothen your nails and make them look rosy.

The nail serum has formed with gentle ingredients. So there will be no harm applying this every day. It’ll feel no pain, just using a little bit will work immensely. Within 30 days, the nail problems will solve for sure.

How To Use Lanbena Nail Repair Essence/Directions For Use

First, wash your nails with mild hot water. Then use a manicure knife to remove dirt and cut the sides of nails for proper repairing.

Put 3/4 drops of the essence on the infected one.
Use twice daily and every 2/3 days later, clean the surface of the nail and then reuse.


  1. Stop applying the nail essence if it feels like an allergy. The problem will solve later on its own.
  2. Clean the nails before if you’ve thick or rough nails. Also, preserve the newborn nails cautiously and avoid hitting or cutting them until they grow.
  3. Some may feel a little bit allergic, but if the symptoms are not severe, one can continue using this.
  4. Keep the Nail Repair Essence away from the children. Please do not use it on children and pregnant women.

Package Included

  • 1pc LANBENA Nail Repair Essence Serum
  • 1pc nail file

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LANBENA Nail Repair Essence Serum

LANBENA Nail Repair Essence Serum

350.00৳ 400.00৳  (-13%)