Asantee Soap | Tamarind & Goat Milk Herbal Soap

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Asantee Soap | Tamarind & Goat Milk Herbal Soap

The Asantee Soap from Thailand acts against acne, prevents wrinkles and brings all important substances to the skin.
Asantee Tamarind & Goat Milk Herbal Soap deters acne, wrinkles and aging while whitening exfoliation and skin smoother, cell renewal, pH balance, clarify and brighten skin moisturizing benefits natural antiseptic


  • Brand: ASANTEE
  • Recommended Uses for Product: Face, Body
  • Scent: Honey, Tamarind
  • Skin Type: Acne Prone
  • Net Weight: 125g


  • Coconut Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide solution, Tamarind & Goat Milk Extract Honey Plus + AHA Collagen
  • Sodium hydroxide is of mineral origin and is used in natural cosmetics for acid-based regulation.

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