Tynor Elastic Knee Support

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The Tynor Elastic Knee Support is specifically crafted to address a range of concerns, including knee pain. For individuals contending with difficulties in walking, this offers a potential solution.

It proves beneficial for those grappling with tendon/ligament injuries, undergoing early cast removal post-op treatment, engaging in rehabilitation, and coping with ACL or PCL injuries and osteoarthritis. Moreover, its versatility extends to being an excellent choice for sporting activities and managing sports-related injuries, addressing a spectrum of orthopedic problems. The wrap is not only easily wearable but also prioritizes user comfort.

Crafted with a fabric wrap tailored for the calf and thigh, it boasts a three-layered neoprene bonded fabric with a silicone coating, ensuring heightened cushioning and comfort.

It is paramount to underscore that usage should be in accordance with the recommendation of a qualified doctor. Notably, it features an adjusted padding and strapping system designed for a secure and comfortable fit. Users are strongly encouraged to adhere diligently to fitting instructions provided by the manufacturer or healthcare professional for optimal effectiveness.

A crucial disclaimer accompanies this information: Individual experiences may vary, emphasizing the importance for users to consult with a qualified doctor for personalized advice, accurate diagnosis, and appropriate treatment.

Tynor Elastic Knee Support


  • Provides support to weak and arthritic knees.
  • Aids in the treatment of patella-femoral conditions or injuries.
  • Strong aluminum hinges allow free flexion movement
  • Open patella design releases patellar pressure
  • Patellar cushioning improves patient comfort and compression
  • Wrap design ensures easy application and allows customized compression


  • Brand: Tynor
  • Application: Body
  • Origin: India


  • S: 14.8-17.2″
  • M: 17.2-19.6″
  • L: 19.6-22″
  • XL: 22-24.4″

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Tynor Elastic Knee Support

Tynor Elastic Knee Support

850.00৳ 900.00৳  (-6%)

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