Valencia Gio Nature Plus Sunblock Cream-70ml

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Valencia Gio Nature Plus Sunblock Cream

Valencia Gio Nature Plus Sunblock Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ has Collagen, which improves skin elasticity. Besides that, it protects against sun damage, and UVA/UVB rays, brightens up the complexion tone, and makes it bouncy. This sunblock sunscreen has aloe extract, which relieves irritation. It also protects against skin problems. The filters are light and non-greasy, making them ideal for daily application. The benefit of this best sunblock for the face is that it nourishes your dermis while shielding it from the light. Its unique formula makes your texture rejuvenated and radiant. This versatile product doubles as a makeup base, streamlining your beauty routine.

Sunscreen vs Sunblock

There are two main types of UV Sunblock: Sunscreen and Sunblock. Sunscreen works by filtering out the sun’s harmful UV rays. It is usually known as a chemical sunscreen. In contrast, sunblock acts like a shield, reflecting the rays away from your body. It is also called physical sunscreen. Most sunscreens can only protect against UV-B rays, whereas sunblock acts as a barrier, physically blocking both UV-A and UV-B rays from reaching the face. They contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, providing more protection.

Collagen Sun Cream Spf 50+PA+++

Whether you’re heading out for a day at the beach, engaging in outdoor activities, or simply going about your daily life, it is your trusted ally in maintaining fine and glowing skin. Go outside without makeup. Just apply this. It has no side-effect.


  • ক্ষতিকারক UVA এবং UVB থেকে ত্বককে রক্ষা করে।
  • ত্বককে সাদা ও উজ্জ্বল করে
  • ত্বকের বার্ধক্যের লক্ষণ কমায়
  • ত্বক একটি মসৃণ গঠন পায়
  • সুস্হ, সুন্দর ত্বক পেতে সানস্ক্রিন ব্যবহার করা আবশ্যক।
  • কোন পার্শ্বপ্রতিক্রিয়া নেই
  • একটি কার্যকরী পণ্য।

পন্যের বিবরণ

  • ব্র্যান্ড: ভ্যালেন্সিয়া জিও
  • মডেলের নাম: নেচার প্লাস সানব্লক ক্রিম
  • প্রকার: ডে ক্রিম
  • ত্বকের ধরন: যেকোনো ত্বক
  • নেট ওজন: ৭০ মিলি
  • দেশ: কোরিয়া

কিভাবে ব্যবহার করবেন

  • বাইরে যাওয়ার ১৫ মিনিট আগে, মুখ এবং ঘাড়ে লাগান। ঘাম হলে ৮০ মিনিট পরে পুনরায় আবার লাগান।


  • Ultimate Sun Protection Cream (UVA/UVB)
  • Protect skin from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Broad Spectrum SPF50+/PA+++
  • Lightweight and non-greasy
  • Oil Control System
  • Soothes and moisturizes the skin
  • Water Resistant
  • Promotes cell regeneration
  • The front side of the product shows the date of manufacture and the back side shows the expiration date.
  • No side effect


  • Condition: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item.
  • Brand: Valencia Gio
  • Size: 70ml
  • Sun Protection Factor (SPF): SPF 50
  • Type: Chemical Sunscreen
  • UVA Protection: PA+++
  • Suitable for: All skin type
  • Body Area: Face, Neck
  • Formulation: Cream
  • Features: Contains Collagen, Titanium Dioxide, Contains Vitamins
  • Expiration Date: 2 Years after MFG
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Republic of Korea

Main Ingredients

  • Collagen

How to use

Apply sunscreen cream to all exposed parts of your body 15–30 minutes before sun exposure, including Your face, neck, ears, arms, legs, and any additional body areas. Ultraviolet (UV) rays have the potential to damage your skin, even when the sky is overcast. Always use it, no matter the weather. Be sure to reapply it every two hours, or more often if you are sweating or swimming.

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Valencia Gio Nature Plus Sunblock Cream

Valencia Gio Nature Plus Sunblock Cream-70ml

500.00৳ 650.00৳  (-23%)

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