Surgical Gloves

Latex surgical gloves offer protection for both patients and healthcare workers during surgeries and medical procedures.
Firstly, they act as a barrier against infections, contaminating fluids, and other hazards.
Beyond surgery, it is beneficial for various pathological examinations, including inserting catheters, administering injections, collecting blood samples and dressing wounds, and performing dental cleanings and exams.
Moreover, the gloves conform closely, offering a second-skin feel to remarkable tactile sensitivity.
Another excellent feature is the independent thumb design.
This pattern allows for anatomical fit and natural movement.
In terms of cost-effectiveness, this examination glove is the most popular disposable option.
For those without latex allergies, disposable gloves can also be helpful for handling household tasks such as food preparation, cleaning, and janitorial work.
Finally, Non-sterile gloves provide a valuable tool in multiple fields besides Health services.

Disposable Surgical Latex Hand Gloves for Medical Procedures, Surgical Care, Dental Examinations


  • Individual packing for safe use
  • Latex material for flexibility and sensitivity
  • Textured surface for enhanced grip
  • Beaded cuff for secure fit
  • High tactile sensitivity for delicate procedures
  • Ambidextrous design for versatility
  • Excellent barrier protection against contaminants
  • Comfortable and snug fit for extended wear

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