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The oil sprayers and dispensers facilitate easier cooking and food preparation.
Additionally, these versatile oil pots can strain and store culinary oil, soup, sauce, or any other liquid.
Moreover, these oil storage pots boast a robust construction with top-quality materials.
Furthermore, these storage containers are durable, rust-resistant, and easy to clean.
Some strainer pots come equipped with removable mesh strainers.
These strainers help to remove impurities and debris from the fluid.
They also feature convenient spouts, making it easy to pour the solution without spilling. Ultimately, these practical and functional pouring containers are a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Enhance Your Cooking Experience


  • Controlled Oil Misting
  • Fine Mist Application
  • Round tube handle does not hurt your hands
  • Removable strainer
  • Cover with a lid
  • Durable Construction
  • Precision spraying
  • Ergonomic design
  • Versatile usage
  • Easy to hold, use and refill, pour
  • Press the lid; connect the body with 1 key press
  • Prevent overflow


  • First place the strainer on top of the pot. Next, pour the liquid into the pot. The mesh strainer will catch any impurities or debris. Remove the strainer and store the liquid.

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