Surrati Arabian Oud Attar-6ml

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Oud Attar offers a pure, intense, and long-lasting fragrance experience, alcohol-free and versatile for skin, clothes, hair.

Alcohol-Free: The perfume is alcohol-free.
Long-Lasting: The fragrance is long-lasting for hours on both your skin and clothes.
Versatility Defined: The scent is versatile too! You can wear the essence on your skin, clothes, or even your hair.
Personalize Your Scent: Create your own unique fragrance by mixing this attar with your favorite lotions.

Oud Attar


  • Free From Alcohol: Does not contain alcohol
  • Concentrated Formula: Pure and intense scent
  • Long-lasting: Offers a lasting fragrance
  • Dual Application: Experience on both fabric and skin
  • Usage: Apply sparingly on fabric for best results
  • Versatility: Can be mixed with lotions to create a personalized fragrance experience
  • Hair Application: Can be applied to hair for a captivating all-around fragrance


  • Brand: Surrati Perfumes
  • Perfume Type: Concentrated Oil Perfume
  • Volume: 6ml
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Scent: Floral
  • Special Feature: Long Lasting
  • Origin: Dubai, U.A.E. – Proudly crafted in the vibrant city of Dubai

Package Includes

  • 1 x Oud Attar 6ml

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Oud Attar

Surrati Arabian Oud Attar-6ml

250.00৳ 300.00৳  (-17%)

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