Hard Wax Beans Hair Removal-Blue Zoo

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Hard Wax Beans Hair Removal-Blue Zoo

Hard Wax Beans Hair Removal is used to remove unwanted hairs from any part of the body, including the face, armpits and bikini line.

  • Hard Wax হেয়ার রিমুভাল বিন
  • খুব সহজেই শরীরের অবাঞ্চিত লোম তুলে ফেলুন ঝামেলাবিহীন ভাবে
  • নাকের Black Heads/white Headsও দূর হবে।
  • রেজোর ব্যবহারে লোমবহুল জায়গা কালচে হয়ে যায়, Wax bean এ এই সমস্যা সমাধান হবে।
  • উজ্জ্বলতা বৃদ্ধি করে।
  • Weight: 100gm
  • Smell: Chocolate, Honey
  • Made in: China

Wax bean has specially produced based on human body hair structure, like hair length and hardness, which will be better for removing the hair or delay its growth. Therefore, it can be used in all areas of the body, like the face, arm, legs, underarm, etc. Furthermore, it can reduce skin irritation and strengthen hair removal effect as the soothing ingredients added for natural care on the basis of pure physical hair removal and different skin types. For the reason that is harmless and without stimulation to your skin while hair removal. Finally, it works magnificently for sensitive skin.

Hard Wax Beans Hair Removal

Why Is Every Women Going Crazy Over This Product?
You no longer need to spend all your money at beauty salons for wax anymore. Do it easily at home.
If a few hairs remain, you may do it with another thin layer strip.


  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Smell:
  • Item Type: Hard Wax Bean
  • Package Weight: Approx. 100g
  • Ingredient: Hard Wax Beans
  • Main Ingredients: Natural Turpentine, Natural Rosin, Mineral Oil
  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Type: Brazilian Wax Beans
  • Features: Hard Wax Beans Pellet
  • Function: For a large area of hair removal. Removing Unwanted Hairs in Armpit, Arm, Legs and Other Body Parts
  • Storage way: Cool, dry place.

Package Include

  • 1 x Bag Wax Beans

How to use
This Wax hardens by itself and you simply pull it off smoothly, without applying strips on top.
No extra paper is needed. Just heat the bean, then check the heated and apply to your body hair. Let the bean dry up and remove the peel when it dried. Then use moisturizer.

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