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  • That is a great reason to wear this lingerie during work.
  • These are sweat-absorbent.
  • greatly help to breathe even when you are sweating.
  • During workout and exercising, keep you cool and dry. At the time of work, young girls wear it.
  • During sleep, it can wear.
  • This bra gives you unconditional support.

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Boob Tape | Boob Lift Tape | Bra Tape

A boob tape, also known as breast tape is a fabric strip that is used to lift up and cover breasts. It is perfect when you wear backless dresses or low-cut dresses. It is sweat waterproof and holds the breasts perfectly in your desired position.
These are tighter than a regular bra, so there is no awkwardly bouncing breast when you are going to move.

Women Push Up Bra Body Invisible Breast Lift Tape Adhesive Bras


  • Product Name: Boob Lift Tape/Breast Tape/ Bra tape
  • Size: 5cm x 5m [1.9685 Inch x 196.85 Inch]
  • Material: 95%cotton + 5%Spandex
  • Use: Underwear
  • Product Type: Bra Strap
  • Color: Skin
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Function: Lift and Push up breast, protect muscles and Relief pain, Anti-Bacterial, Breathable, Eco-Friendly
  • Suitable For: Western Wear
  • Country: China


  1. Test on the surface of small skin first to prevent allergies.
  2. Cut the tape into the desired shape.
  3. Confirm the length, and fix this tape in place.
  4. Loosen the adhesive with oil or lotion.
  5. Then slowly remove the tape from the breast.


  1. Don’t apply to sensitive skins.
  2. Use time cannot exceed 12 hours.

Slight differences may exist in color and texture from the actual item due to the screen shown.

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Boob Tape

Boob Tape-Stock Out

550.00৳ 650.00৳  (-15%)