Tynor Anklet Pair

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The Tynor Anklet Pair, a cutting-edge product, provides gentle compression, warmth, and support for the ankle joint. It aids in alleviating inflammation and pain commonly associated with arthritis, ageing, or injuries. Woven in three dimensions, it precisely conforms to the intricate anatomy of the ankle, ensuring a perfect fit. The soft and breathable material ensures comfort for all-day wearability.

Tynor Anklet Pair


  • Optimal Compression
  • Mild support and immobilization
  • Warmth and compression to inflamed ankle joint
  • Four-way stretchable fabric ensures effective compression
  • Bi-layered nylon improves durability
  • Bi-layered cotton improves comfort and sweat absorption
  • Simple pull-on application
  • Made with high-quality materials


  • Brand: Tynor
  • Size: M, L, XL, XXL
  • Application: Ankle Support
  • Made in India

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Tynor Anklet Pair

340.00৳ 450.00৳  (-24%)

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