Electric Instant Water Heater is 100 percent secure device.
Winter has come already and no doubt, washing dishes or doing the laundry and the other works are painful to do in cold water.
Well, do not worry! As every morning washing face and brushing teeth with warm water are so comfortable.
Two types of display in the product.
One is blue light will light at the time of heating. And other is a red light.
Three areas of Handle: cold-water area, stop water area, hot water area.
Please Note: Please operate it due to the instructions. Do not test the water heater on your hand. Install it well and then test, or else it will be dangerous.
Depending on the quantity of flowing water, the temperature will be about 20 degrees to 40 degrees in winter and 30 degrees to 50 degrees in summer in general.

Hot water ready in less than 10 seconds.
Warm water up to 60 degrees C.
In winter, avoid the extra work of heating water.
You can use this as a tap or hand shower, will find both cold water and hot water in one tap.
Set the product in the same place where the old tap was.
Usable in kitchen, basin & bathroom.
It rotates 360 degrees.
Perfect for circumstances where no hot water supply is.
It is a unique product.
Scale reduction technology controls heating elements.
Safe and reliable, waterproof, anti-powered.
Power unified is the 3000-watt, fast heat! The temperature is at about 30 degrees to 60 degrees (approx).

Material: ABS engineering plastics
Temperature: high resistant