Bath Towels

These Microfiber Woman Bath Towels are prepared with 100% polyester and with microfiber technology. Its material is soft and will keep you warm. Also, extra absorbent, so you can dry off with it too. It has fast-drying and extra absorbent techniques. You won’t have to stay wet for a long time after getting the bath.

This newly invented bath towel is sleeveless. It has shoulder straps which makes it convenient to wear and makes you comfortable. With our beautiful towel wrap, you can stay nice and snug right after your bath.

This bathrobe is perfect for lazing about the house and watching TV. You can also wear it at the beach, gym, spa, sauna, or pool. One can use this wrap at home, the gym, or in a college dorm.

Bath Towels Beach Towel Easy Wear Magic Microfiber Super Fast Drying Water Absorbent Wearable Woman Lady

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